Nonprofit Organization Nonprofit Organization Vehicle Monitoring System

GPS Fleet Monitoring System supports real time tracking and monitoring

The Client

The client is a non profit organization headquartered in Bengaluru, India. Striving to eliminate classroom hunger by implementing the Mid-Day Meal Scheme in the government schools and government-aided schools in and around Bangalore. Food, for the children, are prepared in highly sanitized kitchens, taking utmost care to provide healthy food and are delivered to various underprivileged schools, educational Institutions and centers.


RelyEon was approached by the client to seek for a solution to manage their fleet of vehicles that delivers cooked food to different institutions in and around the city. They wanted a customized fleet management system through which they will be able to control and monitor the food delivery


With the challenge in hand, RelyEon exclusively customized a GPS enabled fleet management system for the client that will assist them in tracking and monitoring the food delivery vehicles through the GPS Tracking devices. This real-time tracking and monitoring gives almost no prospect to stop and tamper with the quality or quantity of the food as the vehicles are constantly monitored through the GPS Fleet Monitoring System that comes along with the Geofencing feature through which the monitoring centers are alerted if the vehicle moves out of a predetermined area. The route history feature points out the unnecessary detours or stops that are made by the delivery vehicles.

Nonprofit Organization GPS Fleet Monitoring System

Feedback from the Client

The customized GPS Fleet Monitoring System that RelyEon designed specifically for the client has been well appreciated. According to our client’s feedback, the GPS Fleet Monitoring Solutions has helped them immensely in managing their vehicles efficiently. They are also satisfied with the fact that the children are receiving their meals on time with no tampering on the quality & quantity of the food and acknowledges RelyEon Solutions for solving their issue.

Merits of GPS Fleet Monitoring System

  • Mapped routes for the drivers
  • Real-time status reports
  • Geofenced
  • Less prospect of tampering the food
  • Delivery on-time
  • Minimizes Operational Costs
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