Use Cases

GPS based cash security transit box

GPS Enabled Smart Cash Box

Nothing is safe and secure these days with crimes taking place even in broad daylight. The criminals are finding new ways to commit thefts. Yet, cash still the number one payment mode in India, businesses in the Banking and Retail sectors thus require real-time monitoring, tracking, and recovery solution that protects and secures cash, high-value assets, and key personnel from...
Vehicle Tracking Systems in India

Vehicle and consignment GPS tracking Systems

In the transportation industry, GPS tracking systems and devices play a very vital role. It is becoming very helpful in optimizing the increasing billable miles, reduce fuel consumption and expenditure of cuttings operations. But first and foremost, GPS tracking offers several operational security-related features that make it exceptionally significant as to why it should be a part of a transportation...
ATM Machine GPS Tracking Systems

ATM Surakshak (Security & Safety)

How safe is the money in the ATM Kiosk? Many times, robbers and thieves target ATMs to loot as it is less secured or with the presence of just one security guard that makes their job easier. Most Banks Now Use ATM Machine GPS Tracking Systems and Devices With all the advancements in technology why aren’t banks and credit unions...
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