Vehicle and consignment GPS tracking Systems

Vehicle Tracking Systems in India

Vehicle and consignment GPS tracking Systems

In the transportation industry, GPS tracking systems and devices play a very vital role. It is becoming very helpful in optimizing the increasing billable miles, reduce fuel consumption and expenditure of cuttings operations. But first and foremost, GPS tracking offers several operational security-related features that make it exceptionally significant as to why it should be a part of a transportation business.

Today, in the business of transportation and logistics GPS or GPS technology out spreads more than just a tool to help drivers to navigate from locations. GPS technology has entirely converted the logistics and transportation industry. GPS tracking solutions now include business-effectual tools required by businesses and customer needs. These features are perfect for running a successful transportation or logistics business without going through the hassles of making calls or going through massive reports just to make some decisions. GPS tracking technology can work wonders for your business and the benefits are immeasurable.

GPS trackers for the logistics and transportation industry are designed to help businesses locate cargo containers with real-time tracking. It is indeed a vital prerequisite for organizations to be notified and updated about the exact location and current status of a container like whether it has been moved to a warehouse, loaded on a truck or still on the road. Also, the need to make sure that the consignment has not been tampered with any unexpected changes, and apply temperature controls if required.

GPS solutions extend a worthwhile and simple answer. It delivers a particular program that sums various national mobile networks and technologies with one organization interface for Invoicing, support, logistics, and customer-relation management. And if you have a business that operates a fleet of vehicles, it is essential to have information about the locations of any vehicle at any given time.

The most fundamental use of GPS tracking systems is to keep track of where the vehicles are on the map. This empowers you to see which vehicle is on the road and towards which direction it is going. With GPS tracking technology, monitoring vehicle speed, routes, engine on and off, idling and routes become easier. Such control of the fleet of vehicles is a key aspect of a successful transportation and logistics business.

It is also useful in locating a stolen consignment or vehicle. There will be no problem of locating where the theft happened and when it happened, unlike in the case shown below where the complaint could not be even lodged because of the location issue.

Vehicle Tracking Systems in India

Revolution in GPS technology and tracking has brought a number of benefits to the logistics and transportation business. GPS tracking enables the development of logistics mobility solutions to help you take control and monitor fleet vehicles and manpower.

A contemporary mobile transportation GPS Tracking software can provide information that is critical in enhancing the functionality of the fleet management system. It also helps in cost assessment, excellent customer service and improves efficiency.

Here is how GPS tracking system provides security and efficiency to cargo and vehicles:

Real-Time and Historical Tracking:

GPS trackers let you trail the cargo while it is on the move, and keep you updated with the current status with a real-time scenario. Additionally, it allows businesses to view a detailed history of all tracking logs, stops, and arrivals that have been recorded during the time spent in the cargo process.

Alerts and Notification Delivery:

GPS tracking software comes with a useful feature that sends instant notification alerts through on-vehicle panic buttons in case of emergency situations in the shipments or vehicles.


Geo-fencing is another useful feature of the software that allows companies to confine objects to an agreed geographic area. It sends alerts upon entering and/or leaving the fenced zone as well as in the event of delayed vehicle or asset.

Fleet management

Contemporary GPS business solutions allow you to have constant 2-way communication with your fleet. This feature enables you to notify drivers and is all about operational planning and coordination. You can even cancel delivery or re-route a vehicle as well as make other cognisant decisions based on the location of the vehicle.

Resource optimization

Monitoring with GPS Tracking Systems, you can monitor any misconduct by the drivers. You can also determine the exact cause of the delivery delay if there is any. It would certainly help in building trust between you and drivers as there would be no scope for any suspicion.

Driver safety & performance

The safety and well-being of the drivers should be a priority as they are the backbone of your transportation & logistics business. GPS technology ensures the safety of the driver by checking driving behavior and the health of the vehicle.

Minimal theft risks

With a lot of money at stake in the transport and logistics business, it becomes imperative to secure the vehicles. So, when a vehicle with expensive consignments is stolen, it not only causes massive losses but will have an adverse effect on the reputation of your business. This is where the GPS tracking system helps in sending as alert in case of any such event and helps you to take appropriate actions against the perpetrators and the crime.

In Conclusion, therefore, GPS technology i.e., GPS Tracking Systems and devices have become a must if you own logistics or transportation business for security and success of a business. As GPS technology comes with a stockpile of benefits, it thus gives you an opportunity to renovate your business comprehensively.

GPS technology especially GPS tracking systems has made businesses more competent than ever and will keep on growing as the technology upgrades over a period of time.

So, you should invest your money to deploy GPS tracking systems to maintain the standard of quality of your business as it will be worth it.

RelyEon’s GPS tracking solution and systems can help you reduce liability and risk factors, and protect your valuable cargo and vehicles with its very simple yet sophisticated features. And in order to provide a validate GPS tracking solution, RelyEon meets regulatory requirements and aims at providing significant security for your vehicle and consignments as well for the best security. RelyEon’s Consignment Tracker is a state of the art GPS tracking solution ensuring the safety of your shipment by offering accurate location data in real-time. Any mala fide attempts to open the consignments can be notified to the registered users. Also available with Light Sensors, Door Sensors, Cameras, and many other features.

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