AIS 140 GPS Vehicle Trackers Dealers in Bangalore

Reasons why you need AIS 140 GPS Vehicle Trackers

Automotive Industry Standard-140 or AIS-140 is the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) that the government of India has designed to optimize and secure the efficiency of the transport system in India. This design has been proven worldwide to enhance the use of the present transport foundation up to its optimum ability which helps to improve the transport system in its efficacy,...
GPS Tracker Companies in Bangalore

Are you tired of being disregarded by GPS Tracker Companies?

How often have you come across bad experiences with GPS trackers particularly due to poor customer service? If you have been disregarded then it is quite reasonable even if you have uncertainties about utilizing GPS trackers again. Yet, you must be aware of the fact that neither all the GPS tracking service provider companies are the same nor all the...
GPS Trackers in School Buses

4 Advantages of GPS Trackers in School Buses

It is the responsibility of School bus operators or the management of the schools to keep the parents updated about the vehicles and children’s whereabouts until the children reach their homes or schools. It becomes cumbersome and many loopholes appear which can prove to be a very crucial issue for both the school management and the parents as well. So,...
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