GPS Fleet Trackers for Waste Management

GPS Fleet Management Solutions for Waste Management

The collection, transport, processing and disposal of waste is a costly and time-consuming process that uses specialized vehicles and requires high levels of monitoring and management.

With growing population, the requirement for more of these vehicles are growing as well and companies within this sector are under significant pressure to reduce costs, provide high levels of service and ensure enhanced duty of care across their operation, so RelyEon has developed an advanced GPS fleet tracking solutions that ensure optimised performance, unrivalled visibility and added control over the tracking of the vehicular movements through the GPS Tracker.

Why Use Fleet Management GPS System?

GPS Tracking Solutions in Bangalore


You can track the movement of each vehicle in a fleet as they move around the map from one destination to another.

Advanced GPS Tracking Device in India

Minimalist Dashboard

A driver can’t deceive you by changing the route. The device, in fact, will report you any attempt of route change.

Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System in Bangalore

Geo Fencing

Ensure that wherever your drivers take your vehicle is within the geography they are supposed to be in.

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GPS Fleet Trackers for Waste Management

Fleet Management System in Bangalore

Waste Management Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

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Accident Management and Data Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy SIM Card?

No, SIM Card is provided with this device

Can I install the Tracking Device myself?

We would recommend this device to be installed by a trained professional of the company. You can install this device if you are fully aware of the wiring in a car.

How much time does it take for Installation?

Installation generally takes 30 to 45 minutes depending on the complexity of the car. The higher the model the more time it takes for installation since wiring has to be done in a proper way

What is the Power Source of a tracker?

The device gets its power from the battery of the vehicle.

How to check the power status of the device?

User can see the power connected status, battery status in live tracking.

What happens when I sell my vehicle? Can I transfer my Tracker from one vehicle to another?

There are a few options to choose from when selling your vehicle and choosing what to do with your tracking device. You can transfer the tracking system to your new car. You can sell the vehicle complete with the tracking device, in which case, the new owner will take over your old monthly subscription. Please call the RelyEon Call Centre for more information.

What happens if GSM signal is not available?

The device will store the locations internally inside the device and will upload the locations once it gets GSM signal.

Can I stop the vehicle when it is running?

Yes, you can need to send immobilize command from the RelyEon Portal or RelyEon Android application. So when the vehicle comes to the speed less than 20 km/h the vehicle automatically stops

How can I make vehicle mobilize after Immobilization?

Need to send the command to mobilize the vehicle from the RelyEon Portal or from the RelyEon android application

How can I know that, Device is running under low battery?

You will get Battery low alert for android application.

Is it possible to set the GPS Data upload interval to device as I Wish?

No, 10Sec by default is the Data upload interval for this device.

Will I able to get the device location whenever I needed?

No, You cannot request for location. By default 10Sec it will send the location

Do I get any alerts for over speed of the vehicle?

Yes, You will get an over speed alert for android application according to user set value in android application.

Is this device has any Emergency Panic Alarm system?

No, This device does not Support Panic alarm System.

Is this device informs Shock detection?

Yes, You will get Shock Detection alert for android application.

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