GPS Tracking Solutions for Heavy Vehicles

Manage and monitor everyday activities of heavier vehicles, be it a single unit or an entire fleet. RelyEon provides a GPS Tracking Solutions for Heavy Vehicles configurable, out of the box software solution for small to large sized organizations that work in field service, project management and asset management, with unique needs and workflows. Businesses that rely on trucks and other vehicles to operate can benefit greatly from our GPS tracking solution for heavy vehicles and the number of benefits that come with investing in a GPS Tracking System for your fleet are plenty.

Features of GPS Tracking Devices for Heavy Vehicles

  • Live tracking along with a facility of maintaining backup data.
  • Routing data helps develop more efficient routes and also find the closest vehicle whenever a service call comes in.
  • Data based on performance maintains a track of the mileage that helps in carrying out maintenance related activities on a regular basis along with monitoring the vehicle speed for safe operation.
  • Alerts are helpful in bringing improvement in logistics that also minimizes or lower the operations cost by keeping tab of any service or delivery vehicles.
  • Responding to emergencies such as breakdowns or accidents, gains speed as the asset tracking feature displays the exact location of the vehicle.
  • Sending alerts about the unscheduled stops of a vehicle apart from offering information about the travel and stoppage time at the scheduled locations.
  • Geo fencing feature informs if the vehicles have departed or reached from a specific defined area of operation.

Benefits of GPS Devices for Heavy Vehicles

  • Improving efficiency of the vehicle
  • Increase in the profitability and productivity
  • Safety and security for your assets
  • Real time tracking and location monitoring
  • Monitoring driver behaviour

GPS Tracking Devices for Heavy Vehicles

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