GPS Tracker for Kids

Know where your kids are with RelyEon’s GPS tracking accessories. Know what they were up to and who they were with some of the most secure GPS tracking devices in India. People, especially parents get worried sick if their children step out and don’t come back on time. As we are quite affectionate towards them we can get a bit paranoid, especially with the crime rates rising year on year. RelyEon offers a reliable GPS tracking solution that can help parents or guardians

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start up when device is off?

To switch on the device, you have to press & hold the power on button till it vibrates then release the button – Which means that device, is on.

When the device is online is it possible to switch it off?

No, There is no option to switch off the device. It will automatically get switch off once the battery is down to 0%.

What happens if GSM signal is not available?

The device will store the locations internally inside the device and will upload the locations once it gets GSM signal

Note: SOS will not work if GSM signal is not available since SOS depends on GSM signal to update the status

Why there is a delay in ID card Geo-fence message?

Since the upload interval time of devices is 5 min, the device will upload locations for every 5 min to server, so the server will notify the user once the device pushes the location to the server.

Why upload interval is set in minutes for ID card?

The device consumes more battery when positioning the GPS, to compensate the battery consumption the upload interval of ID cards is set to 5 min by default, user can send the request to device to give current location through app and portal, which will update the current location of device to user.

Why most of the times the location shown by the devices is LBS?

Most of the times the personal trackers will be with users and will be indoors, and device will not be able to get the GPS signal, that time the positioning shifts to LBS.

What is the battery Backup of this device?

You will get average 1.5 days of battery life

Does the device consume battery when it is idle?

The device will consume considerably very less battery when the device is in idle state.

What is the default upload interval for the device?

The default upload interval for the device is 5 min (300 sec).

How much accurate the location given by the Device?

Accuracy will varies depending on the types of location

  • GPS – 10 to 20 meters.
  • LBS -200 to 800 meters.
  • WIFI- 30 to 100 meters.
How can I use SOS?

You need to continuously press SOS button (hardly 5-6times) and then long press and release after few seconds.

What will happen once the SOS Alert generated?

When you press on Power button, SOS alarm will send it to the mobile app users. So that mobile app user can call to the device and talk each other (two-way communication)

Where can I download the App? What is the name of the App

You Can Download the App “Relyeon” in Google Play Store

Do I need to buy SIM Card?

No, SIM Card is provided with this device

How can I know that, Device is running under low battery?

You will get Battery low alert for android application, user can check the battery status through app or portal.

Is it possible to set the GPS Data upload interval to device as I Wish?

Yes, You can set your GPS data upload interval for the device as you wish. But, Min 300 Seconds you have to set, Below 300 Seconds is not accepted.

Will I able to get the device location whenever I needed?

Yes, you will be given an option “Location Request” in Relyeon App. If you click that you will get the location of the device.

Is there any options to save the power?

Yes, you will be given an option “Working Mode Setting” in Relyeon App. You can choose power saving mode to save the power, user can also do it manually by increasing the upload interval of device.

How can I know the battery percentage?

You can see the battery percentage in RelyEon App or portal.

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