AIS 140 GPS Vehicle Trackers Dealers in Bangalore

Reasons why you need AIS 140 GPS Vehicle Trackers

Automotive Industry Standard-140 or AIS-140 is the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) that the government of India has designed to optimize and secure the efficiency of the transport system in India. This design has been proven worldwide to enhance the use of the present transport foundation up to its optimum ability which helps to improve the transport system in its efficacy, value, safety, and security. The implementation of AIS 140 is being done all over the country.

AIS 140 GPS Vehicle Trackers Dealers in Bangalore

One of the reasons why you need AIS 140 GPS Vehicle Tracker is that it is now mandatory for all commercial and public passenger vehicles to be fitted with AIS 140 GPS tracking devices since April 2019.

The AIS-140 directives are that a system for emergency response should be set-up so that it has a facility to communicate with Government control centers as well. All the states must have their own control centers set up or elevate the prevailing ones with the ability to manage the alarms that each device will interconnect. Although, it is the state government’s duty to assure that the control center is appropriately set up, yet if you are a GPS solution provider, it is imperative for you to be familiar with the requirements:

  • The control center should have an appropriate establishment for the registration of devices and vehicles.
  • Verify that the configuration of the devices is as per state recommendations.
  • Ensure that the devices undertake routine health checks.
  • The practice must be appropriately positioned to manage emergency alerts.

The most important reason is to enhance the efficiency, safety, and security of the vehicles for a commercial, public passenger or for personal use. Some other important reasons to be aware of and also why you need an AIS 140 GPS Vehicle Tracker are:

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Real-Time Tracking

Almost all GPS Tracking devices are now enabled with real-time monitoring. The tracking of the location of the vehicles is done on the map as it travels from one point to another. The in-progress status of the vehicle like movement, speed and parked or idling since is displayed by map markers. Several vehicles can be clustered and managed concurrently by simple to use interface.
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Travel History

All the travels and routes taken by the vehicle can be tracked graphically on the map. Data such as distance traveled, stoppages & idling time, average speed, and engine time is displayed. Data about over speeding and overdrive stretches are highlighted. This feature is very beneficial especially for business owners who own commercial vehicles.
GPS Vehicle Tracking System Alerts in Bangalore

Subject to your requirement there are numerous alerts that can be assembled such as alerts for Idling, Unwanted Stoppages, Tamper, and Speeding Alert and so on. Using these features the analysis of driver behavior, fuel efficiency and workforce optimization can be done easily. For those who use a vehicle tracking system for personal use features like fuel pilfering and maintenance, alerts are very useful.
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These days it is vital to invest in a vehicle tracking system that is accessible through the web or a smartphone. It is useful for tracking the child by the parents to track school bus or commercial vehicle owners. The accessibility with easy-to-use app keeps you updated with the movement of the vehicle in real-time regardless of your own location.
Geofencing GPS Vehicle Tracking In Bangalore

Geo-fencing transports the feature of alert customization to a whole new level. You can build a geographical boundary called Geofences on the map surrounding a landmark or location. This feature sends alerts whenever the vehicle breaches the geofenced areas. This information helps in increasing operational efficacy, staff’s productivity and heightened security along with better levels of user safety.
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History and Summary

There are many instances as evidence of the accessibility to location and reports of events providing higher ROIs for most of the businesses involved in medium to large fleet management. Through this solution, the ability to tracking and analyzing the information of the fleet for a minimum of 60 days history optimizes the efficiency of the fleet managers that ultimately helps in making up-to-date decisions and eventually has a positive business impact. The solutions of GPS Tracking is that it also comes along with enterprise dashboard which has a complete set of graphical details and provides a comprehensive interpretation of the standards that are relevant and vital for better performance of the business. The standards for various units of vehicles and different time intervals can be viewed through this GPS tracking solution.
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Easy and Manageable Interface

An uncomplicated and insightful user interface delivers dominant features such as division-wise access without multiple accounts requirements, an overview of the whole fleet and the capability to history report and real-time information. A very simple yet sophisticated in-built user interface lets easy and manageable accessibility to the detailed data to make conversant choices.
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Accessibility Control and Management

A key vehicle tracking system aspect for business owners is the user management and accessibility control. This solution feature allows the ability to add and adjust the profile of the users. It also allows controlling the accessibility privileges based on the responsibilities. It provides the business owners the ability to assign one or more precise responsibilities to a user and implement categorizing a set of users in a group thus enhancing the efficiency of group vehicle tracking and viewing the report of the whole group easier.

Analytics and Diagnostics

Most of the GPS Tracking Devices possess advanced innovative solutions intended to bind the supremacy of location-based services and incorporating cloud computing with it to confirm the availability of the applicable fleet data for the operator to assert analytics and diagnostic of the fleet performance.
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Effortless Installation

Whenever you are considering implementing a GPS vehicle tracking device it is imperative that it suits your requirement, effortlessness of installation and maintenance. One must consider a device that is compact and installed tactfully usually under the dashboard of the vehicle. Devices that back OBD connectors are a superior selection for the “plug and play” solution. Compatibility depending on different car models is also one of the main factors why it is important to deliberate while making choosing a device.

In conclusion, with all the thefts, safety, and security issues that we come across every day, it is very essential these days to implement the AIS 140 GPS tracking devices, as for the businesses, it is important to ensure that your vehicles and employees are safe and secure along with being compliant with the government notifications besides enhancing the efficacy and productivity of your business as well as to strengthen better customer relations. It is also proving to be very vital for personal vehicle owners due to the safety and security concerns not only for the vehicle but for the people who are in the vehicle as well.

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