Best GPS Tracking Company

The best tip to keep your consignment safe this monsoon!

If you are a business owner then you must be looking for a way to get in touch with your drivers and find out the location of where they are stranded during this flood and due to this natural calamity that we are facing you are not able to and that can be stressful for you as you are responsible for the safety of the drivers and the condition of the goods of the customers which may be getting stolen or perishing in case of perishable goods. What would you rather do? You can’t possibly go and find each and every driver, can you?

Best GPS Tracking Company

So, accessing into the world of GPS tracking is the best tip to keep your consignment safe this monsoon. These GPS Tracking System of vehicles and even for your loved ones helps in letting you know about the whereabouts in real-time and ensures the safety of the goods, vehicles and your loved ones as well. GPS Tracking Systems and devices help you in finding the exact locations of the devices. There are reasons why you need GPS Tracking Solutions and Systems for your safety. Let’s have a look.

Why Do You Need GPS Tracking Solutions?

GPS tracking devices are used by individuals and by business managers as it provides utility information allowing them to manage their fleet, optimize processes and improve the efficiency of the business. The GPS trackers make it easier to follow the movements of a person or a vehicle. GPS trackers will reduce the amount of manual labor, time and cost spent on tracking a car as it will record all the movements which can be viewed at any point in time.

On-time Delivery

The use of GPS technology to help track and estimate the movement of the consignment has made a logistical revolution, as well as an application known as on-time delivery. This on-time for trucking companies who utilize GPS for tracking the consignment helps them to guarantee delivery and pick-up on time without misses. These devices have given a sense of security and safety for the dispatching company, the consignee and the sender as well.

The GPS-enabled Safety devices

offer the best safety solutions for the vehicles and the person in it. The GPS devices enable real-time tracking, geo-fencing, route history and many more other features that enable the user to secure the vehicles and the drivers giving them the utmost safety even when they are away from their homes.

Benefits of GPS Tracking

  • High level of safety and flexibility for all surface transportation system operators.
  • More precise location ascertainment providing better passenger data
  • More effective monitoring to ensure schedule obedience, generating a transit system more approachable to transportation user’s requirements.
  • Improved location information with Google maps and navigation maps providing in-built vehicle navigation systems for both commercial and private consumers.

RelyEon’s Consignment GPS Tracker is a state of the art GPS tracking solution ensuring the safety of your shipment by offering accurate location data in real-time. Any mala fide attempts to open the consignments can be notified to the registered users. Also available with Light Sensors, Door Sensors, and Camera.

The Consignment GPS Tracker is very beneficial for asset tracking besides tracking your logistics or consignments. It performs and regulates the turn-around stream and volume of commodities. Our Consignment GPS Tracker generates prospects for intensifying comprehensive economy for transportation and delivery businesses. It handles almost every activity such as the arrangement of transportation, management of inventory, planning of the tour, entry of the order, and management of the fleet. It also offers ground, air and water consignments stabilizations.

The features on the Consignment GPS Tracker are:

The Dashboard

This effective dashboard feature is one of the best logistic management software. It permits you to oversee every activity that is currently going on like the GPS location, speed of the vehicle, delivery numbers, trip reports, and distance from the destination or the starting point with duration. It assists in providing various GPS mapping ability to plan the accurate route and also gives the live data about the trucks on whether the trucks are still waiting for unloading or are on the move. It also supports in visualizing and optimizing functional operations with progressive analysis of data.

The Tracking

Consignment GPS tracking system provides a live tracking facility so as to track the whole asset and also gather every detail about the consignment’s distance, speed, current location, etc. The cloud-based real-time database is managed by the server component so that in case of any unplanned activity takes place in the course of the trip then it can be easily tracked and notified.

The Report

Getting timely reports is very essential for every business. Especially in transportation, it is vital and imperative to acquire the whole summary or comprehensive evidence of the consignment and tracking it from the origin to the endpoint, distance and duration, and the number of trips that a particular truck makes. The Consignment GPS Tracker is adaptable that can be used for single GPS Consignment tracking as well as for multiple trips with numerous fleets based on the business requirement.

The Chart

Our Consignment GPS Tracker is a user-friendly web interface that is utilized for displaying information of the schedule, details that are storage-related, and location of the vehicle. It is devised to plan and monitor the entire movement of the consignment and assets from the start point to the destination or delivery point.

The Alert

Our consignment GPS trackers send alerts when your consignment transportation journey begins until it is delivered, it notifies when the route takes a wrong route or crosses its borders as the consignment’s route has been mapped and geofenced as well. It even notifies the stops the vehicle makes, Ignition on/off, fuel, and so on. There are a variety of options for alert available like Emails, SMS, and Notifications, etc. The Consignment GPS Tracking system can be customized according to the shipment to send the notifications.

Therefore, for any queries and solutions contact us, we will be more than willing to assist and help you as ADD Technologies (India) Limited is an advanced technology enterprise that provides the state-of-the-art GPS fleet tracking solutions and devices with the brand name RelyEon that are designed according to the specifications of the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MORTH), GOI and enables tracking, monitoring and optimizing your fleet with end to end solutions deployed across various devices.

The GPS devices of RelyEon are all ICAT certified, and also AIS 140 & IRNSS approved. Since GPS devices have been declared mandatory since April 2019 for all transport and public passenger vehicles, it is a good time to invest in these devices by RelyEon.

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