GPS Tracking Companies in Bangalore

20 Essential Uses and Applications of GPS and GPS tracking systems

Over the past few years, the usage of GPS has been intensive mainly as receivers for directions and as navigation app that has helped in telling us where we are and how to go around different locations. GPS is used to make user-friendly digital maps now. Though, GPS apps now are not only used by the general public but by various other organizations for several purposes as well.

GPS Tracking Companies in Bangalore

For instance, it is useful for the military, pilots, boat and ship captains, surveyors, scientists, and farmers as well as many others. In addition to the usual GPS that is used in our mobile phones, there are other exceedingly innovative apps that are unbelievably accurate and are utilized for specialized jobs in various industries.

Here are 20 essential uses and applications of GPS and GPS tracking system

Financial and Banking Services

Financial organizations such as banks use this app to schedule and determine local and international money transfers. The GPS satellite is necessary for the financial field since it allows for the date and time stamps of Electronic Funds Transfers. These financial organizations now use GPS Tracking systems to track their assets and asset carrying vans for better safety and efficiency.


Communication particularly mobile phones utilizes GPS app to deliver its users through precision, consistency, and strength of their operations. Even though other clocks can provide this feature, the GPS app assists in obtaining coordinated time-zones with the assistance of the signals from the satellite.

Heavy Vehicle Guidance

Nowadays, heavy machines utilized in mining and construction also uses GPS technology for better efficiency and productivity. For instance in highway road construction, the marker-pegs and surveyors are no longer used and have been replaced by the GPS enhanced in-cabin vehicle guidance and control systems. This eases the work and also easier since the driver needs to only follow the site plan that the surveyor has pre-programmed.

Road Transportation

Most of the users of GPS technology in road transportation are taxis and rental vehicles, commercial fleet management and freight tracking, dispatch, emergency vehicle location, public transport monitoring, and navigation. These days even personal car owners also use the GPS app, and in most of the new cars, it comes with an in-built GPS system.

Position Locator

Recent developments in GPS technology have upgraded the GPS navigation system, which was commonly used to designate positions, into GPS Tracking systems that provides real-time location data and aids in locating not only vehicles and people but assets too.

Tracking for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement departments use GPS technology during various investigations to track and apprehend criminals and suspects. Law enforcement also uses it to keep track and protect people who feel that their lives may be in danger and require protection.

For the Pets

Dogs and cats can easily get side-tracked and go missing; it can be quite difficult to find them as well. So, a GPS Tracker will help in locating your pet easily. These accessories are usually found as neck-collars in the market.

For the Elderly

Most elderly people like to be independent and do not like it when they are monitored. Yet, they sometimes wander off all alone into unknown places and may get confused to find their way back home or they may fall down and require emergency medical assistance. Therefore, these GPS tracking devices can be used for the elderly to track them even when one cannot be near them, for instance, if they need any help, they just have to press a button thus alerting the caregiver.

These devices come in handy forms mostly wearable pendants and watches that are not very obvious.

For public safety during natural calamities

The main advantage of GPS technology is that it can be utilized in any condition of weather or environmental and so is the main reason for its preference for use during disaster management to locate the people and take them to safety, i.e, track and trace. Even emergency vehicles and supplies can be tracked using GPS technology.

Ideal for People with special needs

Sometimes the caretakers of the people with special needs have to work and so have to be left on their own but by using this GPS tracking, they can be monitored at all times. Additionally, these GPS trackers can be used not only to track their location, but it can prove to be vital during emergencies especially medical emergencies.

School Bus Tracking

School Bus GPS tracking system is used to enhance security for the students, monitor fuel efficiency and driving behavior, and promote efficiency in the management of the school buses. This technology can also be used to provide bus drivers with real-time directions in case of any wrong turns and predetermined routes to be taken. This technology can be used by the school management to ensure that the bus drivers strictly adhere to the predetermined routes and to monitor the unnecessary breaks taken when on duty.

Consignment and trailer Tracking

GPS Consignment and trailer tracking system is an important aspect that enhances security and increases efficiency as well as cost effective in the logistics and transportation industry. The GPS app tracking system can be used by the management to monitor their fleet, equipment, and consignments. Since it provides real-time data that are accurate, including detailed reporting adds peace of mind for the owner.

Tracking for businesses

GPS tracking systems are used by many businesses varying from SMEs up to large organizations to remain dynamic in the market. This GPS technology delivers real-time data about their business and other pertinent information to the business owners. These devices differ varying on the nature of the business, yet there are numerous advantages that a company can gain from utilizing a GPS tracking system for their business.

Monitoring Speed

GPS tracker gives precise speed estimates of vehicles or fleet, these data are transferred to a server from where the owner or management can access in real-time and can also be recorded for future reference. Maintaining a proper track of speed lets you promote fuel efficiency and thus reduce fuel costs, reduces the rate of chances of accidents, and also promote better vehicle health.

Geo-Mapping and Land-marking

GPS system provides efficiently incorporated and precise land-marking and geo-mapping data. GPS is renowned for its accuracy and swiftness compared to any other usual strategy. The added advantage of using GPS is that it requires minimum labor and minimal usage of additional equipment.

Tracking your Vehicle

Connecting your vehicle tracking system to your handheld device or PC allows you to keep track and monitor the real-time location of your vehicle at any given time. This feature of GPS is very beneficial when your vehicle gets stolen or when someone else is using your car.

Immobilize the Vehicle

Most of the recent GPS tracking systems permit you to immobilize your car if it is stolen. This GPS app enables you to shut the engine of the vehicle even when the vehicle is moving and will help you to trace and get back your vehicle easily.


The GPS technology is not only about tracking and direction navigation now, it has evolved and is now also been used in geofencing that sends you alerts whenever a person or object or vehicle enters or exits from a designated area. A Geofence is a virtual fence that is to set up a defined perimeter and can be set within seconds, so whenever the GPS tracker breaches the perimeter you have set, you are alerted and notified through text or email.

SOS Alarm

In case of emergency, the SOS alarm is used and this GPS tracking system can be installed in either your mobile phone or laptop or PC and alerts you whenever someone presses the SOS button. This can be used especially for your children and the elderly.

Collecting precise and Timely data

Delivering precise and timely data is one of the chief features of GPS technology, and the GPS tracking app has been widely used to deliver location and directions data among several other uses. The precision of GPS has led to its intensive usage in all fields and walks of life.

To conclude, there are several numerous uses and applications of GPS and GPS tracking system, and the data and information of the system are accessible to anyone and anywhere with no extra charges as long as you have procured, installed and synced your device with the app available. All you need is a receiver to retrieve the data. This GPS technology is beneficial and useful for all industries and everyone in the world, and it has influenced our lives in so many ways and many of which we have no clue about.

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