GPS Enabled Smart Cash Box

GPS based cash security transit box

GPS Enabled Smart Cash Box

Nothing is safe and secure these days with crimes taking place even in broad daylight. The criminals are finding new ways to commit thefts.

GPS enabled Smart Cash Box

Yet, cash still the number one payment mode in India, businesses in the Banking and Retail sectors thus require real-time monitoring, tracking, and recovery solution that protects and secures cash, high-value assets, and key personnel from robberies or crimes.

There is an increase in Cash-related Crime

As the world is becoming increasingly digitized, we might as well expect to see a decrease in cash usage and therefore also cash crime. However, cash transactions are still the number one preferred payment method in India, and recently there has been a rise in Cash in Transit robberies and attempts at theft. Almost every morning we get to read in the newspapers about ATMs being burgled, cash being snatched away by criminals from the bank cashier or cash stolen during cash-in-transit and many other incidents of valuables getting stolen before the blink of an eye. Businesses in the Retail and Banking sectors, in particular, use various methods of transporting cash from one place to another and this means the cash, associated assets and the personnel responsible for its safe delivery, are potentially at risk from the criminals.

When transporting Cash

There is a possibility that if you transport large quantities of cash frequently then you may have invested in an armored van. Yet, sometimes it’s necessary to transport smaller quantities of cash, for private clients, in a briefcase without the added protection of an expensive armored vehicle. Cash in transit boxes, lightweight safes and smaller security boxes all add an initial layer of protection and make the cashless visible. However, they are not an absolute deterrent or preventative measure and they are of little use in recovering your assets if the worst happens and your personnel is a victim of a robbery.

Whenever you transport cash, you want to be absolutely sure that all your assets, vehicles and personnel are protected and safe at all times, and that, in the event of an emergency, you can recover any lost assets and secure a conviction against the robbers. As such, the need for installing a GPS tracking device becomes essentially indispensable.

There are many benefits of using GPS technology to secure the cash, assets, and personnel and three important benefits are-

Real-Time Tracking and Alerts through Mobile App

Real-Time Tracking means that a GPS Tracking device sends its location to the end-user at a consistently high frequency. It offers users real-time location updates every few seconds. It helps in determining and monitoring the locations of the assets and cash when it is on the move. Alerts can be received whenever there is a diversion from the designated drop point.


Geo-fencing or predetermining the boundaries where the cash boxes and assets should go help in getting alerted whenever there is a breach in those boundaries and so that prompt actions can be taken based on the movement of the asset.

Tamper Alert

Whenever there is an attempt to open the box without authority, tamper alert is sent to the designated authority about its misuse and therefore appropriate action can be taken on time and also ensures the safety of the assets most of the time. This feature of tamper alert buys time for law enforcement as the criminals try to find means to open the cash box.

So to tackle this menace of the thefts and crimes, RelyEon has designed a solution to keep the cash safe with a state-of-the-art GPS based Smart Cash Box that assists law enforcement in nabbing the criminals based on the information given by the GPS Tracking device.

RelyEon integrates a heavy-duty box and a GPS device to create a single, highly secure Smart Transit Box. Keeping your valuables as safe as it would be in your bank, it gives you the convenience of a locker on the go. After loading the valuable, our smartphone app can help you easily monitor the box in motion, tracking its whereabouts in real-time so that you never lose sight of your valuables. The added built-in security feature sends out an alert if it senses that there is tampering with the box.


  • Sturdy and portable design for easy movement; Wireless access which allows for remote locking
  • Real-Time Tracking; GPS & LBS Dual Mode Positioning
  • Geo-Fencing (5 Boundaries); Track Playback
  • Built-in Battery; Low Battery Alarm
  • Tamper Alert; Water-Resistant
  • Reports; Web-Based Software (Max 3 Login)
  • Android Mobile App (Max 3 Login); Alerts through Mobile App
  • SMS Alerts; 3-Day Data Retention
  • Remote Locking; Voice Monitoring

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