ATM Surakshak (Security & Safety)

ATM Machine GPS Tracking Systems

ATM Surakshak (Security & Safety)

How safe is the money in the ATM Kiosk? Many times, robbers and thieves target ATMs to loot as it is less secured or with the presence of just one security guard that makes their job easier.

Most Banks Now Use ATM Machine GPS Tracking Systems and Devices

With all the advancements in technology why aren’t banks and credit unions keeping their ATMs safe and free from theft and fraud, is a wonder and needs to be addressed sooner than later. In India, the number of credit and debit card fraud grew by 70% in 2018 and is growing each passing year. Meanwhile, compromises of ATMs also rose by 35% in the same year excluding the statistics of the current cases. Do you remember the recent cases where criminals used gas cutters to open the ATMs? These ATMs had no in-built camera, microchip, GPS or burglar alarm which made the tracing of criminals tough for the investigating agencies and so suggested that these ATMS be replaced and fitted with GPS Tracking Systems and Devices for safety and security.

ATM Machine GPS Tracking Systems

Why are ATMs Targeted?

There is a good reason why ATMs have increasingly become the most targeted point for criminals that has led to an increase in cases of ATM thefts. Among all these reasons, these three main reasons are the reasons why criminals target ATMs today.

  • The lesser risk involved than a bank Holdup- The law and criminal penalties are less than those of robbing a bank as breaking into an ATM is considered a simple theft unlike holding up a Bank Teller in a bank which is a major crime
  • Haul and Grab- A method that is not the most subtle though some just grab the machine and haul it away.
  • Less security- It is either the presence of one security guard or no guard that makes the job of robbing easier.

How to counter ATM Crimes!

There are various steps that the banks and other financial institutions are taking up to curb the menace of theft. Now Banks can use GPS tracking systems and devices for ATMs to help apprehend the criminals easily. This system and devices can help the bank authorities to reduce cases of theft and ultimately recover the money if in case it is stolen.

ATM Machine GPS Tracking Systems and devices with Real-Time Tracking

The main reason behind most of the individual businesses or organizations going for GPS tracking systems and devices is real-time tracking. It is the main advantage that banks and financial establishments get after the installation of the GPS tracking systems and devices on their ATM machines adding more security to their assets. Whenever there is a theft and the banks observe that the ATM machine has been stolen, the following step they are to take is to alert the police. So, when the ATM machine is enabled with the GPS tracking Device, it becomes easier for the law enforcement or the police to track and fight the crime. This tracking system gives the company the chance to recover the ATM machine even if it gets stolen and it also saves the banks and financial establishments a lot of money that they could otherwise lose when the machine gets stolen.

GPS Tracking Device triggers Motion Sensing Alert

This is another added advantageous feature that a GPS tracking system for ATMs provides. If the machine is touched or moved unauthorized, the tracking device triggers an automatic silent alarm. The machine is configured to sense motion and when the machine is tilted the device acts accordingly. It also alerts the control room whenever the ATM gets tampered. The vital feature of the device will help the authorities in informing the law enforcement as the crime is going on and activate prompt action by the law enforcers and fight the crime before the money gets stolen. Although, in some cases when the machine has already been moved by the criminals, the police and law enforcers can take the help of the GPS tracking devices to track the offenders and find them.

Real-Time Notifications and Alerts Whenever the Machine Is Breached

When an ATM is breached the GPS Tracking system not only activates a silent alarm but also sends a silent email and message notifications to the responsible authorities in the bank. The machine has the ability to be configured to send out these notifications whenever the machine is either tilted or moved in certain ways. The banks and the responsible authorities will get real-time email and notifications by messages at all times. This makes it easy for the authorities to know whenever the machine is tilted and moved without proper authorization.


With these tracking devices, the businesses and banks set a geo-fencing where the monitoring team gets real-time notifications if the machine is moved or shifted beyond a pre-set circle. Another very important purpose as to why people go for ATM GPS tracking devices is its ability to set a geographical fence.

The machines now have the ability to program its function up to a certain perimeter, in other words, it is now easier to pre-determine a distance on which the machine can operate. So, if in any case the machine is shifted or moved beyond the predetermined circle without consent and proper authorization, the GPS tracking systems send real-time information and notification to the monitoring team that can help in the process of taking action promptly.

This information and notifications make it easier for the authorities to follow the machine before much damage is done to it. It also makes the job easier for the authorities as they can just use their phones to track and trail the machine remotely without actually going to the spot and instead help the law enforcement in nabbing the offenders by giving timely updates.

Therefore, with the number of crimes of ATM burglary going up, it is certainly the best for the banks to consider getting one’s assets secured with the GPS Tracking Systems and Devices and enhance the safety and security of the ATMs to tackle this menace.

RelyEon offers state-of-the-art solutions to the banking sector. RelyEon ATM Surakshak Device is designed to ensure it is protected from theft Banks can easily get the device installed that then tells authorities where the machines are. The device helps to monitor and view the ATM booth using a mobile-friendly app. Tamper alert feature generates SMS alert and Geofence ensures its always traceable.

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