Banking Bank Vehicle GPS Fleet Tracking System

GPS Fleet Security Solution assists fleet management and monitoring

The Client

The client is one of the oldest and major commercial banks in India with its presence in almost all the corners of the country. Our client provides services and products for corporations, enterprises, retailers and individuals. The client has over 4000 branches and 4500+ ATMs all over the country and has overseas branches as well.


The client approached RelyEon for a customized GPS tracking solution for their fleet management that includes trucks and vans carrying valuable assets when refilling 4500+ ATMs with Cash, mobile ATMs in numerous metropolitan cities and other locations.


RelyEon’s secure range of GPS tracking solutions helped the client to monitor cash deposit vehicles’ movements to and from the ATMs, each ATM location will be marked as a Geofence and time to be spent by the vehicles inside that Geofence can also be defined, the vehicles’ routes can also be pre-defined to the drivers. RelyEon provided features like Geo fencing, Immobilizer, Real time tracking, Route History and Sleep Mode.
RelyEon GPS Tracking Features:
GPS Fleet Tracker Geo Fencing
Geo Fencing
GPS Fleet Tracking Immobilizer
GPS Fleet Tracker Real time Tracking
Real time Tracking
GPS Fleet Tracker Route History
Route History
GPS Fleet Tracker Sleep Mode
Sleep Mode

Bank GPS Fleet Security Solution

Feedback from the Client

The GPS Fleet Security Solution that RelyEon customized for us has been greatly rewarding.
The results of the GPS Fleet Solution that RelyEon provided for our organization has proved very productive for us. With the solutions provided, it has led to higher efficiency and productivity in the management of the fleet, and has also saved time and expenses.

Merits of GPS Fleet Security Solution

  • Pre-defined Routes
  • Geo Fencing
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Route history
  • Time and cost saving
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