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GPS Vehicle Tracking empowers control over all travelling assets

The Client

Our Client is India’s largest exporter of readymade garments, working with the world’s biggest brands, it was established 45 years ago and has grown to become India’s largest apparel manufacturer, operating 65 factories and 3 processing mills across 9 states. A vertically integrated operations, diversified product range, and a strong commitment to ethical operations and environmental sustainability have established our client as one of the most preferred garment manufacturers in the world.


The client, being one of the largest exporters of readymade garments in India, is involved in an intensive logistic operations, which leads to a lot of discontinuity in the daily operations of the company that needs to be addressed such as optimizing the operations, maintenance, the interval timings, monitoring the safety and well being of the employees based on the work surrounding or environment and also to manage the fleet of vehicles that transport the finished goods to various destinations.


With RelyEon’s customized GPS fleet tracking system, our client has achieved the entire control of all their travelling assets. From realtime tracking to fuel management, from Route history to Geo fencing, our client has been able to cut down their operational expenses by approximately 30%. With enhanced time management, increased fuel efficiency and all round assistance from the superior fleet management network exclusively designed GPS Vehicle Tracking by RelyEon, the client has optimized their overall operations and functions.

Logistics GPS Vehicle Tracking

Feedback from the Client

The specially designed GPS Vehicle Tracking System by RelyEon for the client has been highly appreciated.
The client responded with enthusiasm that their overall production, operations and management has also been positively affected through the assistance of RelyEon’S GPS Vehicle Tracking System. The Client claims that they can now manage with efficacy the fleet by using the GPS vehicle trackers specially designed by RelyEon. The GPS Vehicle Tracking has enabled their products to be delivered on time and has helped in cutting expenses as well.

Merits of GPS Vehicle Tracking

  • On time delivery of the products
  • Entry & Exit of the product delivery vehicles
  • Assured delivery
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Minimized Operations Expenses
  • Real time prompt reports
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